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Welcome to the Can I Get 3 Feet website! We have created this page to (hopefully) provide some humor for the growing community of cyclists who are becoming frustrated by the actions of a small percentage of individuals who are unwilling to "share the road".

This blog isn't intended as a bitchfest for angry cyclists, but rather a dry, witty, sarcastic humor page that possibly only the cycling community will "get". Although anyone who has ridden on a city street with any regularity probably has had more than one time where they would like to get back at those rude d-bags behind the wheel, the spirit of this blog is not to insult motorists, but rather to provide humor to your fellow cyclists, occasional praise to those drivers that do the right thing, and awareness of the importance of bicycle safety to everyone.

We hope you find some enjoyment in the reading of our posts and maybe a bit of a cathartic release as you post your own stories.

- The Traveling Athlete Team


"Can I Get 3 Feet?" is an idea spun from the frustration of avid biker Steve Davis, one of the founders of Traveling Athlete, LLC, after having his rights as a biker sharing the road marginalized or ignored countless times by unobservant or downright vicious motorists. Although a verbal outburst or the occasional one-finger-salute provided some level of satisfaction, Steve realized that he often had more to say to those ignorant drivers than he was able to communicate in his fleeting interactions with these rude individuals. And he believed that he was not the only biker that had the same feelings.

Thus, this site was created as a safe place to release that anger at those drivers who have a blatant disregard for the rights of bikers on the road, and hopefully to provide a little enjoyment to all the other cyclists out there that feel the same way. All notes left will be anonymous and your privacy will be strongly protected, so feel free to speak your mind. Just keep it light, witty, and funny. We know you are angry, and chances are someone has already yelled at you during your incident, but sometimes the clever wit of a thoughtful retort is more effective than a vindictive remark... And it will keep the site humorous (our true goal).

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Just register an account, and click on the "Submit a Note" link on the right sidebar. Our resident editors will review and approve all posts (and possibly make minor changes) so please don't feel disregarded if your post doesn't appear in our list. We read all posts submitted to the site, and only publish a handful. Keep posting, we appreciate every submission that you send our way!

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