You may have thought I abandoned this website, judging from my lack of updates throughout the summer, but oh no!! Although I am a bit disappointed that I still cannot get other people to post their stories, the enthusiastic response that most everyone has given when I describe the purpose of this webpage is reason enough for me to continue to post and hope *eventually* others will follow. (If you build it, they will come...)

Back to my temporary absence from the site this summer: the reason is actually simple. I am a triathlete, and like most triathletes... I am totally addicted.
("Hi, my name is Steve." "Hi Steve." "I do... triathlons" " Oh my!")
So, while I have had plenty of run-ins with motorists this summer (surprisingly split about 50/50 as positive/negative interactions) I just haven't taken the time to submit them to this site. I don't think I will try to retroactively post any of those notes (or maybe just a few good ones), but I do plan to keep on updating throughout the fall and even winter. See there is this crazy misconception that bikes are only meant for warm weather, or at least non-frozen weather. To that I say, pshaw! I find that I get even more biking in in the winter (for transportation at least) because you can count on no rain! And of course, less sweat. Both of which combine to mean: less extra clothing required (and no need to find destinations with showers) and less reason not to ride! Anyway, I hope to keep writing and updating, and I still encourage others to do so also.

Hope to see you out there!

Sep 18, 2012
Dear 331-... in the Silver RAV4,

It might not have been a race to you, but after you cut me off only to turn left into the very same parking lot that I was turning in to, I had to keep track. And I definitely made it into the store before you did!! You were probably still driving your lazy butt around the Walmart parking lot looking for the closest parking spot so you didn't have walk too far to get into the store after I had finished my shopping. Maybe next time you will consider a bicycle too... or at least be considerate to a bicyclist. (Hey I can hope after all, can't I?)

Thanks for not taking off my fingers as I signaled my turn.

Giant Boulder in Coralville, IA
Fri, June 22, 2012
Jul 2, 2012
Dear Workers in the Construction Zone,

After I ignored the road closed sign east of West Liberty, I came across the bridge you guys were rebuilding. I thank you for letting my friend and I walk through your construction area and across the not finished bridge. You all were very nice and courteous and friendly in a way only Iowa can offer. Also the playing of Black Sabbath as we crossed was a welcome bonus.

Black and Red Trek in West Liberty, IA
Tue, May 15, 2012
May 16, 2012
Dear Miss Multi-tasker in the Black Camry,

The morning commute is not simply a time to drive and monitor the surroundings for you -- no, you are far too experienced to focus all of your attention on the road. WIth cell phone in one hand, mascara in the other, you are the multi-tasking Queen of the Road! Never mind that you nearly took me out as you swerved into the bike lane... I understand it's hard to maintain a straight course when your hands have been allotted to far more important tasks than holding onto the steering wheel!! Go ahead, make sure your BFF receives the all important text of "LOL ; )" while each eyelash is painted to perfection. Don't worry, its only my life you are endangering after all!

Surly Cross-Check in Iowa City, IA
Mon, May 7, 2012
May 8, 2012

Today a friend shared a bicycle comic with me that has a relevant topic to this website:

Yehuda Moon comic

It is from the bike humor comic strip Yehuda Moon produced by the hilariously excellent Kickstand Comics. Rick Smith from Kickstand gave me permission to repost this comic on our site. Enjoy!

May 8, 2012

It is official "Bike Month" and that means time to make excuses to "get out and ride". Maybe you start to commute, or you participate in the "Iowa Goes By Bicycle" challenge ( Either way, you have made excuses for long enough, it is time to lube up that chain and pump up those tires.

For those of you in the Iowa City area, the "Can I Get 3 Feet?" team is giving you another reason to get out and ride. We have setup a scavenger hunt that you can complete on your own over the course of the next two weeks. The rules are simple:

  1. Get out on your bicycle
  2. Ride out to the bike trails
  3. When you find a QR Code* on a poster along the side of the trail, SCAN IT and follow the instructions!

We have partnered with some locations in town to provide you prizes and built a website where you can track your time. Complete the hunt as fast as you can, so you can brag to your friends! Good luck, and may the scavenger hunt officially begin!

* NOTE: A Quick Response (QR) code is that funky looking square barcode that you have probably seen all over marketing materials and elsewhere. You can download a free app to scan the code, and it will take you to a webpage with more information. These apps are freely available from the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store.

May 4, 2012
Dear 950-... in the Red Dodge Ram,

I applaud you, sir. Despite the long line of cars that gave me a full lane of space as they passed me this morning, you refused to blindly follow the lead of the others. You are no sheep! You questioned their actions, their judgement, and asked yourself, "Does that bicyclist really need that much space?" Your conclusion was obvious as you discovered that I surely did not need more than a few inches of space for you to rumble by!

If they were all driving off a bridge, would you follow? No sir! You, sir, are an independent thinker and march to the beat of your own drum. Let's just hope that drum beat isn't a death knell for the next biker you encounter.

White Trek in North Liberty, IA
Wed, April 18, 2012
Apr 18, 2012

One of our goals with Can I Get 3 Feet is to eventually produce a bunch of cool items with our slogan and design on them. We will be starting with stickers and t-shirts, and eventually produce a custom bike jersey (that reads "Can I Get 3 Feet???" on the back, hopefully big enough for drivers to see as they approach you). If there are other items that you would like to see us produce, please make a comment on this post and let us know!!

Also, check back here once the weather gets warm because we are going to arrange a fun bike scavenger hunt in the Iowa City area (where we are based). It should be a blast!

Feb 18, 2012
Dear Bus Driver in the Yellow School Bus,

I know that school bus drivers are accustomed to "ruling the road" since everyone must be extra cautious around them, but I always thought they would apply the golden rule as well. I always imagined bus drivers would be extra courteous to other vehicles on the road. I suppose bicycles don't count as vehicles so that must explain why you nearly swiped me with your side-view mirror as you passed me this morning. I know there was plenty of space in the center turn lane, but perhaps you were just afraid to move over a few more feet before passing me. Regardless, you were driving a bus, so it would be just wrong for me to get mad at you, right? BTW -- ignore that hand motion I made in your general direction after you passed me, I was just... waving hello.

Red and Black Giant in Coralville, IA
Wed, February 1, 2012
Feb 2, 2012
Dear 073-... in the Silver Oldsmobile Alero,

I must say I was impressed with your driving skills around that roundabout as I rode my bike to work this morning. Since there literally wasn't enough space on the road for both of us side by side I knew you wouldn't dare to pass me, but I never expected you to motor up to my rear wheel so closely. I should have just leaned over and put my hand on your hood and let you push me around the corner! Maintaining such a small gap must have really taken some precise driving skills. I was surprised to see the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy license plate holder as you passed me once we cleared the roundabout; I was expecting a Russ Swift bumper sticker. You must be able to rival Ken Block, and in a stock passenger vehicle no less! Well done sir.

Red and Black Giant in Coralville, IA
Fri, January 13, 2012
Feb 2, 2012